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BTO Governance

Issues of governance of BTO projects are distinct from the administrative reporting structure for BTO as an office.  

Through the administrative reporting structure, BTO advises on and decides which projects should be supported, and their relative priority.  

BTO has authority over and responsibility for the array of institutional projects that the Provost and Executive Committee determine are within the purview of BTO.  

Each project has its own governance structure with a VC/VP level Project Sponsor responsible for the scope and goals of each individual project. The Project Sponsor will work directly with the Project Manager to ensure the quality and delivery of the project.  

Given the complex, interactive nature of BTO projects, decisions regarding budget changes and conflicts between projects are the responsibility of the BTO.  

Our goal is to ensure that BTO projects are user focused, owned by the functional business units, and integrated into the institution’s strategic goals. This is best practice for successful transformational projects.