Current BTO Projects

Enterprise Student Management Systems (ESMS) Portfolio

Incrementally replaces, renews and fortifies the systems and applications used by the students, faculty and administrative staff for the business functions in Financial Aid and Scholarships, Financial Services, Graduate Division, University Registrar, Summer Session and Undergraduate Admissions.  

CourseLeaf Integration Project

Modernization and integration of UCI student registration and class scheduling systems, providing a much improved, unified user experience for students, faculty, and staff

Oracle Student Financial Planning (Vocado SFP) 

Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) software implementation to replace the FAME Financial Aid legacy system. 

One Card Initiative ​

Establishes a One Card program on campus for students. The One Card will bring together multiple transactional databases (shadowed and siloed) on campus to connect them with a single Patron Management Database.  

Housing Management System

Replaces the existing housing management systems, OSCAR (Online Student Communities Accounts Receivable) and GFHARMS (Graduate and Family Housing Accounts Receivable Management System), with a new housing management solution. 

Student Data Warehousing Program ​

Construct an on-premises student data warehouse (SDW) that will be a central repository of student data for student reporting. SDW will consolidate information from existing distributed databases used by various student systems in multiple departments and make it available to central and departmental offices using centrally managed campus reports as well as ad-hoc query tools and other self-service capabilities.  

Future of Work Resource Program ​

Central funding resource facilitating the transition to a hybrid workforce. 

The Future of Work program is closed to new requests as of June 30, 2022.  We would like to thank all the people and departments who participated in making this an extremely successful project.  The program has provided funding for 1,498 laptops, 185 conference rooms and 14 hybrid work locations providing 226 seats, in addition to receiving a 2022 Silver UC Larry L. Sautter Award for technology excellence. (” 

Social Credentialing

UCI is exploring options to simplify accessing UCI resources using alternative authentication options.

International Student I-20 visa assistance

UCI is expanding the assistance provided to international students in Summer Sessions to improve and standardize the process for obtaining an I-20 student visa

UCI Campus-Wide Dashboard

The Campus-Wide dashboard provides summary snapshot views of major projects across all academic and administrative units of the university by department, sponsor and status.  Project information can be updated at any time by each unit with a major effort to update all projects three times each year. 

 The result is: 

  • A high-level overview of the campus-wide project status from various academic and administrative units.  
  • Visibility into key projects from each unit across the campus.