Current BTO Managed Projects

One Card Initiative ​

This project intends to establish a One Card program on campus for students. The One Card will bring all the multiple transactional databases (shadowed, siloed) on campus and connect them with a single Patron Management Database. ​

Student Data Warehousing Program ​

The purpose of this program is to complete an on-premises student data warehouse (SDW) that will be a central repository for student data for student reporting. SDW will consolidate information from existing distributed databases used by various student systems in multiple departments and make it available to central and departmental offices using centrally-managed campus reports as well as ad hoc query tools and other self-service capabilities.​

Future of Work Resource Program ​

This project provides a central funding resource facilitating the transition to a hybrid workforce.

Enterprise Student Management System Portfolio​

The objective of the ESMS Portfolio is to incrementally replace, renew and fortify the systems and applications used by the students, faculty and administrative staff for the business functions in Financial Aid and Scholarships, Financial Services, Graduate Division, Registrar, Summer Session and Undergraduate Admissions.​

Multi-Year Tuition & Financial Aid Plan ​

This project is the implementation of a multi-year tuition stability plan for three system-wide student charges: tuition, the Student Services Fee (SSF), and Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST)​.

Oracle Student Financial Planning (Vocado SFP) 

This project is the Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) software implementation will replace the FAME Financial Aid legacy system.

AP ScholarSteps Implementation

Launch ScholarSteps campus-wide and replace AP Review before UCSD ends support in 2023.​

Elevate the Student Experience (Salesforce) Road-Mapping Exercise 

This project will assess the campus-wide requirements for enhancing CRM and develop a multi-year implementation plan.

Access to Canvas for Non-Matriculated Students

The Merage School of Business submitted a request for non-matriculated students to have access to the Canvas Learning Platform for executive programs, professional certification programs, seminars, and other non-standard academic programs.

COVID-19 Dashboard Project​

The goal of this project is to generate COVID-19 dashboards to display student and employee population, asymptomatic and symptomatic testing, positivity rate, trend, vaccination rate, and the vaccination compliance data in a visual format. ​Create a separate public-facing External dashboard as well. ​