Roles & Responsibilities

Provost Office and/or Executive Committee

  • Provides Governance of the BTO organization
  • Approves projects for BTO to manage; decides which ones not to manage
  • Serves as final escalation / decision point for major issues
  • Assigns Project Sponsor / delegation of authority
  • Kept informed on major project progress

Project Sponsor

  • Provides executive level (VC/VP) oversight with delegation of authority from the Provost  
  • Oversees the development of the project goals 
  • Serves as escalation point for major project issues and decisions working with BTO and the Provost
  • Serves as Chief Project Supporter to the user community

BTO Office

  • Ensures that all projects under its authority are being run in an optimal way
  • Monitors and reports on each project’s budget and any major variances
  • In coordination with project sponsor, hires Project Managers and supports the PM’s building of the project team
  • Develops project Guiding Principles, charter, budget, and plan templates
  • Defines project roles and responsibilities for each project

Project Manager

  • Accountable for Project Success (Scope, Schedule, Budget)
  • Recruits and manages the Project Team to ensure project goals are met
  • Ensures that the project team issues are addressed or escalated as appropriate; escalated rules should be developed for each project.
  • Manages Project Change Order process for project impacting changes
  • Ensures that a fully scoped project plan is built and updated

Project Team Functional / Technical / OCM

  • Focuses on contributing to the project objectives
  • Builds expertise in the appropriate areas of the project
  • Serves as functional and technology specialists to get the project done
  • Serves as liaisons back to respective user communities for communications and validation of decisions
  • Builds cross team/campus collaboration to ensure a workable solution